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Chapter 8: Windows Forms: Scroll Bars, Splitters, Track Bars, Pickers, Notify Icons, Tool Tips, and Timers

Main Page

    Scroll Bars
    Track Bars
    Notify Icons
    Tool Tips
    Immediate Solutions: Using the HScrollBar and VScrollBar Classes
    Setting Scroll Bars' Minimum and Maximum Values
    Setting Up Scroll Bar Clicks (Large Changes)
    Setting Up Scroll Bar Arrow Clicks (Small Changes)
    Getting and Setting a Scroll Bar's Current Value
    Handling Scroll Bar Events
    Showing and Hiding Scroll Bars
    Coordinating Scroll Bar Pairs
    Scrolling Images
    Adding Scroll Bars to Text Boxes
    Using the Splitter Class
    Creating Splitter Controls
    Using the TrackBar Class
    Handling Track Bar Events
    Setting Track Bar Ticks
    Using the DateTimePicker Class
    Handling Date-Time Picker Events
    Setting Date-Time Picker Custom Formats
    Using the MonthCalendar Class
    Handling Month Calendar Control Events
    Using the NotifyIcon Class
    Creating Notify Icons and Using Icon Designers
    Handling Notify Icon Events
    Using the ToolTip Class
    Creating Tool Tips
    Using the Timer Class
    Setting a Timer's Interval
    Turning Timers On and Off
    Handling Timer Events¡ªand Creating an Alarm Clock

In Depth

We've got quite a number of Windows forms controls to cover in this chapter—scroll bars, splitters, track bars, pickers, notify icons, tool tips, and timers. Fortunately, they're all simple controls. Some of them—such as splitters and notify icons—are entirely new to Visual Basic .NET, and the others have all changed greatly from the VB6 days, as you might expect. I'll start by discussing each of these controls in some depth, including their useful properties, methods, and events.

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