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Where can you go for additional Visual Basic support? You can find Visual Basic user groups all over, and more are appearing every day. Although the content varies in accuracy, there are many usenet groups dedicated to Visual Basic as well, but be careful what you read there—there's no guarantee it's accurate. About three dozen of those groups are hosted by Microsoft, including the following:

  • microsoft.public.dotnet.languages.vb

  • microsoft.public.dotnet.languages.vb.upgrade

  • microsoft.public.vb.bugs

  • microsoft.public.vb.addins

  • microsoft.public.vb.controls

  • microsoft.public.vb.database

  • microsoft.public.vb.installation

  • microsoft.public.vb.syntax

Other, non-Microsoft groups include some of these usenet forums:

  • comp.lang.basic.visual

  • comp.lang.basic.visual.3rdparty

  • comp.lang.basic.visual.announce

  • comp.lang.basic.visual.database

  • comp.lang.basic.visual.misc

And, of course, there are plenty of Web pages out there on Visual Basic. Here are a few starter pages from Microsoft:

And that it; that's all the introduction we need—it's time to start digging into Visual Basic .NET now. As I said, this book has been designed to be your complete support package for Visual Basic .NET, so if you see something that should be covered and isn't—let me know. In the meantime, happy programming!

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