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Creating Multiline, Word-wrap Text Boxes

You've got a text box all set up for user feedback, and it can hold about 60 characters of text. Surely that's enough, you think. But when you start reading the users' comments, you find that they're all favorable, but truncated (e.g., "I loved your program! In fact, let me say that I never s"). Maybe it's worthwhile to allow the user to enter more text.

You can do that by setting the text box's MultiLine property to True, converting a text box into a multiline text box, complete with word wrap. The result appears in Figure 5.2. Now your program's users can type in line after line of text.

Figure 5.2: Creating a multiline text box.

Note that you also can add scroll bars to multiline text boxes (see "Adding Scroll Bars to Text Boxes" later in this section).

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