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Chapter 24: Creating User Controls, Web User Controls, and Multithreading

Main Page

    User Controls
    Web User Controls
    Immediate Solutions: Using the ScrollableControl Class
    Using the ContainerControl Class
    Using the System.Windows.Forms.UserControl Class
    Creating User Controls
    Adding Properties to User Controls
    Adding Methods to User Controls
    Adding Events to User Controls
    Testing User Controls
    Using the TemplateControl Class
    Using the System.Web.UI.UserControl Class
    Creating Web User Controls
    Adding Properties to Web User Controls
    Adding Methods to Web User Controls
    Adding Events to Web User Controls
    Testing Web User Controls
    Using the Thread Class
    Creating Threads
    Starting Threads
    Suspending Threads
    Resuming Threads
    Stopping Threads
    Sleeping Threads
    Setting Thread Priority
    Synchronizing Threads
    Using SyncLock to Synchronize Threads
    Joining Threads

In Depth

In this chapter, we'll work with user controls, Web user controls, and multithreading. User controls are those controls you can build yourself for use in Windows forms, if, for example, you want to create an alarm clock or a stock ticker. Web user controls are the same, but for Web forms. Multithreading gives your programs the ability to do several things at once; each stream of execution is called a thread. When you create new threads in a program, those threads can execute code you give them in the background, no matter what the user is doing with the user interface. Multithreading is often used for lengthy tasks that would otherwise make your program seem to hang. For example, your program may maintain a large database, and it can use a thread in the background to sort that database while the user can get on with other work. I'll take a look at the topics in this chapter—user controls, Web user controls, and multithreading—now, in more depth.

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