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Setting Track Bar Ticks

You also can configure track bars with the TickStyle property, which lets you determine how ticks are displayed; this property can take values from the TickStyle enumeration:

  • Both- Tick marks are located on both sides of the control.

  • BottomRight- Tick marks are located on the bottom of a horizontal control or on the right side of a vertical control.

  • None- No tick marks appear in the control.

  • TopLeft- Tick marks are located on the top of a horizontal control or on the left of a vertical control.

You also can set the tick frequency-which sets the distance between ticks-with the TickFrequency property (default = 1).

For example, I've set the TickStyle of the track bar you see in Figure 8.13 to TopLeft, the Maximum property to 100, and the TickFrequency property to 5.

Figure 8.13: Setting tick style and frequency in a track bar.
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