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Group Boxes

Like panels, group boxes are used to provide a grouping for other controls. Group boxes are similar to panels, but, as mentioned above, only group boxes display captions and only the panels can have scroll bars. Group boxes display frames around their contained controls and can display text in a caption, as you see in Figure 6.5, which shows the GroupBox example from the CD-ROM. You set the group box's caption with the Text property.

Figure 6.5: Group boxes at work.

The usual use for group boxes is to contain radio buttons, as you see in Figure 6.5. As with panel controls, when you group radio buttons using group boxes, each set of radio buttons can function independently, which means that one radio button in each set may be selected.

And that's enough overview-it's time to start putting these controls to work and addressing the finer points of each in the Immediate Solutions section.

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