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The following table lists the version of Microsoft JavaScript implemented by host applications.

Host Application JavaScript Version
1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0 x        
Microsoft Internet Information Server 1.0   x      
Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0     x    
Microsoft Internet Information Server 4.0     x    
Microsoft Windows Scripting Host 1.0     x    
Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0       x  
Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0         x
Microsoft Internet Information Services 5.0         x

The following table lists JavaScript language features and the version when first introduced.

Language Element Version First Introduced
1.0 2.0 3.0 4.0 5.0
$1...$9 Properties     x    
abs Method x        
acos Method x        
ActiveXObject Object     x    
Addition Operator (+) x        
anchor Method x        
arguments Property   x      
Array Object   x      
asin Method x        
Assignment Operator (=) x        
atan Method x        
atan2 Method x        
atEnd Method     x    
big Method x        
Bitwise AND Operator (&) x        
Bitwise Left Shift Operator (<<) x        
Bitwise NOT Operator (~) x        
Bitwise OR Operator (|) x        
Bitwise Right Shift Operator (>>) x        
Bitwise XOR Operator (^) x        
blink Method x        
bold Method x        
Boolean Object   x      
break Statement x        
caller Property   x      
catch Statement         x
@cc_on Statement     x    
ceil Method x        
charAt Method x        
charCodeAt Method     x    
Comma Operator (,) x        
// (Single-line Comment Statement) x        
/*..*/ (Multiline Comment Statement) x        
Comparison Operators x        
compile Method     x    
concat Method (Array)     x    
concat Method (String)     x    
Conditional Compilation     x    
Conditional Compilation Variables     x    
Conditional (trinary) Operator (?:) x        
constructor Property   x      
continue Statement x        
cos Method x        
Data Type Conversion     x    
Date Object x        
Decrement Operator (--) x        
delete Operator     x    
description Property         x
dimensions Method     x    
Division Operator (/) x        
do...while Statement     x    
E Property x        
Enumerator Object     x    
Equality Operator (==) x        
Error Object         x
escape Method x        
eval Method x        
exec Method     x    
exp Method x        
fixed Method x        
floor Method x        
fontcolor Method x        
fontsize Method x        
for Statement x        
for...in Statement         x
fromCharCode Method     x    
Function Object   x      
function Statement x        
getDate Method x        
getDay Method x        
getFullYear Method     x    
getHours Method x        
getItem Method     x    
getMilliseconds Method     x    
getMinutes Method x        
getMonth Method x        
GetObject Function     x    
getSeconds Method x        
getTime Method x        
getTimezoneOffset Method x        
getUTCDate Method     x    
getUTCDay Method     x    
getUTCFullYear Method     x    
getUTCHours Method     x    
getUTCMilliseconds Method     x    
getUTCMinutes Method     x    
getUTCMonth Method     x    
getUTCSeconds Method     x    
getVarDate Method     x    
getYear Method x        
Global Object     x    
Greater than Operator (>) x        
Greater than or equal to Operator (>=) x        
Identity Operator (===) x        
@if Statement     x    
if...else Statement x        
Increment Operator (++) x        
index Property     x    
indexOf Method x        
Inequality Operator (!=) x        
Infinity Property     x    
input Property     x    
instanceof Operator         x
isFinite Method     x    
isNaN Method x        
italics Method x        
item Method     x    
join Method   x      
Labeled Statement     x    
lastIndex Property     x    
lastIndexOf Method x        
lbound Method     x    
length Property (Array)   x      
length Property (Function)   x      
length Property (String) x        
Less than Operator (<) x        
Less than or equal to Operator (<=) x        
link Method x        
LN2 Property x        
LN10 Property x        
log Method x        
LOG2E Property x        
LOG10E Property x        
Logical AND Operator (&&) x        
Logical NOT Operator (!) x        
Logical OR Operator (||) x        
match Method     x    
Math Object x        
max Method x        
MAX_VALUE Property   x      
min Method x        
MIN_VALUE Property   x      
Modulus Operator (%) x        
moveFirst Method     x    
moveNext Method     x    
Multiplication Operator (*) x        
NaN Property (Global)     x    
NaN Property (Number)   x      
NEGATIVE_INFINITY Property   x      
new Operator x        
Nonidentity Operator (!==) x        
Number Object   x      
number Property         x
Object Object     x    
Operator Precedence x        
parse Method x        
parseFloat Method x        
parseInt Method x        
PI Property x        
POSITIVE_INFINITY Property   x      
pow Method x        
prototype Property   x      
random Method x        
RegExp Object     x    
Regular Expression Object     x    
Regular Expression Syntax     x    
replace Method x        
return Statement x        
reverse Method   x      
round Method x        
ScriptEngine Function   x      
ScriptEngineBuildVersion Function   x      
ScriptEngineMajorVersion Function   x      
ScriptEngineMinorVersion Function   x      
search Method     x    
@set Statement     x    
setDate Method x        
setFullYear Method     x    
setHours Method x        
setMilliseconds Method     x    
setMinutes Method x        
setMonth Method x        
setSeconds Method x        
setTime Method x        
setUTCDate Method     x    
setUTCFullYear Method     x    
setUTCHours Method     x    
setUTCMilliseconds Method     x    
setUTCMinutes Method     x    
setUTCMonth Method     x    
setUTCSeconds Method     x    
setYear Method x        
sin Method x        
slice Method (Array)     x    
slice Method (String)     x    
small Method x        
sort Method   x      
source Property     x    
split Method     x    
sqrt Method x        
SQRT1_2 Property x        
SQRT2 Property x        
strike Method x        
String Object x        
sub Method x        
substr Method     x    
substring Method x        
Subtraction Operator (-) x        
sup Method x        
switch Statement     x    
tan Method x        
test Method     x    
this Statement x        
throw Statement         x
toArray Method     x    
toGMTString Method x        
toLocaleString Method x        
toLowerCase Method x        
toString Method   x      
toUpperCase Method x        
toUTCString Method     x    
try Statement         x
typeof Operator x        
ubound Method     x    
Unary Negation Operator (-) x        
unescape Method x        
Unsigned Right Shift Operator (>>>) x        
UTC Method x        
valueOf Method   x      
var Statement x        
VBArray Object     x    
void Operator   x      
while Statement x        
with Statement x        

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1st JavaScript Editor.