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AquaDigger 3D

AquaDigger is a shining 3D arcade kid game! rich 3D graphics with particle effects, lens flare, dynamic gamefield, animated 3D backgrounds and more...

File Size: 4.65 MB License: Free to try OS: Win95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP Requirements: 32M RAM 20M free HD space

AquaDigger is a shining 3D arcade kid game based on classical dig-and-collect-all-the-treasures concept. Some things just never die and the digger idea is one of them. Now it is greatly revisited again in AquaDigger. Get ready for some underwater action. Now the fox kid game field is a bottom of the ocean. You're controlling a oyster and your aim is familiar yet still exciting: collect all the golden coins while evading hostile spiny sea-urchins. Marvelous pearls grow inside you slowly. From time to time you can spit out a ripe pearl on your enemies to destroy them. You can also push off chests to make them fall on the heads of your enemies.

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Key Features:

Game features rich 3D graphics with particle effects (such as bubbles of air), lens flare, dynamic gamefield, animated 3D backgrounds and sharp characters.

Advantages of the full version: Game play without blood and violence for the entire family, Adventure in the deep, Beautiful sound themes, Rich graphics artwork, 50 levels, No nags! No limitations!

Various bonuses in the game will definitely come in handy. They are:

  • Reload - increases the speed of pearl growth (you can fire more often).
  • Angry - makes you really pissed off and deadly dangerous to enemies.
  • Invulnerable - makes you invulnerable for some period of time now.
  • Haste - makes you moving at a lightning speed.
  • Freeze - freezes your enemies so they cannot move.
  • Extra life - extra life is always helpful.
  • Teleport - teleports you to the random part of the level.

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