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Secret Chamber

Unlock jewels of the King’s Secret Chamber and discover the precious treasures.

File Size: 5.33 MB License: Free to try OS: Win95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP Requirements: 32M RAM 20M free HD space

Secret Chamber - Long ago, the great King was blessed with divine wisdom. He invented every modern wonder of our time, and concealed these treasures for future generations. Now it is time to discover his amazing inventions...hidden deep in the SECRET CHAMBER...But the King protected his treasures with a complex series of jeweled locks and mechanical scarabs. Solve the ancient puzzle and discover the wonder of the King's genius before the scarabs can stop you.

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Key Features:

Three game modes challenge the player:

  • Puzzle mode is for the player who wants a challenge but without time limits. Spend as much time as you want.
  • Story mode tells the whole story, with treasures to be earned for each of its thirty levels. Don't be fooled, the scarabs may keep you from earning a treasure.
  • Survival mode is for the player who likes extreme challenge. Each time you play is a different set of puzzles. Infinite game-play for those who purchase the game.
Strategic Tips:

The ominous entrance to the labyrinth gives you four options for entry:
Enter, Scores, Options and Quit.
  • Strategy 1: Move em' into place...
    Getting used to dialing your gems into place is easy. Use the first few levels to move gems around the area where you want to place them. Think strategically - more than two moves ahead - as you dial each gem into place.
  • Strategy 2: Move em' out, move em' in...
    Try moving a row or column up or down, and slide the piece you're working on in place, then dial it back where you want it. You'll be surprised how moving them around gets you hooked.
  • Strategy 3: Unlock new and exciting modes of play...
    Secret Chamber has three modes. Play ten levels of Story mode to unlock Puzzle mode; play ten levels of Puzzle mode to unlock Survival mode.

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