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Complete & powerful bulk email software with intuitive hands-on GUI. Setup and send out your first newsletter or personalized circular within a minute after installation !

File Size: 1.5 MB License: Free to try OS: Win95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP Requirements: 32M RAM 20M free HD space

Turbo-Mailer has been created for preparing and sending out bulk email like newsletters or personalized circulars efficiently with ease. Turbo-Mailer is very simple to use, though it provides powerful best-in-class options. Special highlight is a scriptable email list processor: In case any task cannot be accomplished directly with a mouse click, the Turbo-Mailer API lets you do it with a short script formula line. Multi-threaded SMTP ensures optimal exploitation of bandwidth for big jobs.

  • Turbo Intuitive User Interface
  • Sends Text & HTML Email
  • List Processor with Formulas ( + Script API ! )
  • Mail Personalization ( TAB / MS Excel Columns )
  • Professional Endurance
    (Multi-Threaded SMTP,Log Files,Local SMTP Server support,No Limits)

Vendor's Homepage       Purchase   $9.90       Download

Key Features:


  • Turbo-Mailer imports and handles lists from text files and tables (e.g. Excel tab or ; spaced). Almost any arbitrary file format can be imported with TurboMailer API. No other size limits than memory!
  • Sends text mail & HTML mail
  • Sophisticated and easy-to-use email list processor :: Combines and computes email lists with easy mouse clicks or by formulas ! Joining and splitting, removing of duplicates, randomization and slicing of email lists, ACCU & operator syntax, and much more ...
  • Extraction of email addresses form Outlook address books
  • Scanning of email addresses from arbitrary formatted notification emails in Outlook folders (like newsletter subscription notifications) or scanning from text/html files. Supports versatile regular expression patterns
  • Supports personalization of mails through variable info-columns (Excel table import)
  • Supports advanced SMTP login
  • Multi-threaded SMTP exploits bandwidth best for big mailing jobs
  • Writes log files with successful and refused email addresses. Partial transmissions are automatically subtracted from the transmit list. Log files are itself valid e-mail list files and may be processed in the list manager
  • Option for sending in blocks: TurboMailer establishes a fresh SMTP connection each time a configurable # of mails has been transfered
  • No limits for the length of the address lists in the mailer or list processor
  • Internal auto-dial-up/hang-up option for saving connection fees
  • Optional control through command line (batch runs)

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