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Triplehash Hutmil6 V6.6

An individual and batch image, audio, web page and generic file editing program...

File Size: 2.82 MB License:Free to try OS:Win95, 98, Me, NT, 2000, XP Requirements:32M RAM 20M free HD space

Hutmil6 is an individual and batch image, audio, web page and generic file editing program. It provides tools to rapidly perform common operations on individual image, audio, web page and generic files as well as on large numbers of these files. Hutmil can flip, rotate, resize and crop images, as well as make standalone and web-based slide shows.

Hutmil6 helps you maintain your audio files by providing ID3 and Ogg Vorbis comment tools. Web developers can use Hutmil to perform global changes to their site. All this amounts to significant time-savings and a greatly improved PC experience..

Vendor's Homepage       Purchase   $50.00        Download

Image Features --- Flip horizontally/vertically; Rotate 90°-180° clockwise/counter-clockwise; Image resize with 7 resampling filters; Create negative (invert colours); Convert to JPG, BMP, PNG; Create web-based and standalone slideshows.

Audio Features --- Swop filename components e.g. "Imagine - John Lennon.mp3" to "John Lennon - Imagine.mp3"; Change ID3 Tags and remove ID3 Tags; Change Ogg Vorbis Comments.

Web Features :
  • Add code that can be removed or replaced at a later stage by identifying it with a key; Add or change the <!doctype> statement and Add or change <meta> tags of your choice.
  • Change the <body> tag. This provides a great way to change the colour scheme of your website, without relying on CSS. A <body> Tag Designer is provided.
  • Add a link to an external stylesheet and change the case of the HTML/XML tags in your web pages.
  • Remove Javascript events, SCRIPTs, all occurrences of a specific HTML tag (e.g. ADDRESS) and strip your pages of HTML tag.
  • Change the case of your web pages' filenames and convert ASCII to HTML, HTML to ASCII.
  • Integrated editor with syntax highlighting and "Region" directives. These can specify more precisely where code should be added using the directive tools.
  • Conditional Replace feature - change/add/replace/remove values of tag attributes only if certain conditions are met.
  • Add image sizes -- adds width and height attributes with the appropriate dimensions to all your <img> tags.
  • IntelliReference technology prevents links breaking when changing file references in your documents.
  • Change the reference level of links/image sources in your website, when you change the directory structure.
Generic Features --- Change file extensions and filename case!

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