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This form validation script will place a check in the checkbox next to a textbox in a form if the enty is valid. Includes basic form validation.

Birthday (mm/dd/yyyy):

Add the below code to the <body> section of your page:

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
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<!-- Begin
FormName  = "form"  //Name of the form
CheckName = "check" //Name of the checkboxes (without 1,2,3...10,11,12...)
TextName  = "text"  //Name of the textfields (without 1,2,3...10,11,12...)

var Condition=new Array(
'a!=""', //Must be filled
'a!=""', //Must be filled
'a!=""&&a.length>5&&a.indexOf("@")!=-1&&a.indexOf(".")!=-1', //Must be longer than 5 characters, have @, and atleast one '.'
'a.length>7&&!(a.split("/")[0]*1>12)&&!(a.split("/")[1]*1>31)&&!(a.split("/")[2]*1<1900)' //Must be longer than 7 characters, first (two) digit(s) NOT greater than 12, second (two) digit(s) NOT greater than 31 and last 4 greater than 1900
function docheck(w) {
eval("a=document." + FormName + "." + TextName + w + ".value");
if (eval(Condition[w])) eval("document." + FormName + "." + CheckName + w + ".checked=true");
else eval("document." + FormName + "." + CheckName + w + ".checked=false");
//  End -->
<form name=form>
type=checkbox name=check0 onClick="return false"> First: <input type=text name=text0 onBlur='docheck("0")'><BR>
<input type=checkbox name=check1 onClick="return false"> Last: <input type=text name=text1 onBlur='docheck("1")'><BR>
<input type=checkbox name=check2 onClick="return false"> E-Mail: <input type=text name=text2 onBlur='docheck("2")'><BR>
<input type=checkbox name=check3 onClick="return false"> Birthday (mm/dd/yyyy): <input type=text name=text3 onBlur='docheck("3")'><BR>

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