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<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">
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<!-- Begin
function ClearForm(form){
   form.InSeed.value  ="";
function FillBs(form){
var seed  = "";
seed  = form.InSeed.value;
var LeadIn = new makeArray(18);
var Subject = new makeArray(12);
var Verb = new makeArray(13);
var ObjectPhrase = new makeArray(14);
initArrays(LeadIn, Subject, Verb, ObjectPhrase, seed);
l = Math.floor(17 * RandomNumber() + 1);
s = Math.floor(11 * RandomNumber() + 1);
v = Math.floor(12 * RandomNumber() + 1);
o = Math.floor(13 * RandomNumber() + 1);
BsValue=LeadIn[l]+" "+Subject[s]+" "+Verb[v]+" "+ObjectPhrase[o];
function makeArray(numElements) {
this.length = numElements
for (count = 1; count <= numElements; count++)
this[count] = 0;
return (this);
function initArrays(LeadIn, Subject, Verb, ObjectPhrase, seed){
LeadIn[0] = " ";
LeadIn[1] = "In particular,";
LeadIn[2] = "On the other hand,";
LeadIn[3] = "However,";
LeadIn[4] = "Similarly,";
LeadIn[5] = "As a resultant implication,";
LeadIn[6] = "In this regard,";
LeadIn[7] = "Based on integral subsystem considerations,";
LeadIn[8] = "For example,";
LeadIn[9] = "Thus,";
LeadIn[10] = "In respect to specific goals,";
LeadIn[11] = "Interestingly enough,";
LeadIn[12] = "Without going into the technical details,";
LeadIn[13] = "Of course,";
LeadIn[14] = "To approach true user-friendliness,";
LeadIn[15] = "In retrospect,";
LeadIn[16] = "Conversely,";
LeadIn[17] = "From a top-level view,";
Subject[0]=" ";
Subject[1] = "a large portion of interface coordination communication";
Subject[2] = "a constant flow of effective communication";
Subject[3] = "the characterization of specific criteria";
Subject[4] = "initiation of critical subsystem development";
Subject[5] = "the fully integrated test program";
Subject[6] = "the product configuration baseline";
Subject[7] = "any associated supporting element";
Subject[8] = "the incorporation of additional mission constraints";
Subject[9] = "the independent functional principle";
Subject[10] = "the interrelation of system and/or subsystem technologies";
Subject[11] = "the product assurance architecture";
Verb[0] = " ";
Verb[1] = "must utilize and be functionally interwoven with";
Verb[2] = "maximizes the probability of project success, yet minimizes cost and time required for";
Verb[3] = "adds explicit performance limits to";
Verb[4] = "necessitates that urgent consideration be applied to";
Verb[5] = "requires considerable systems analysis and trade-off studies to arrive at";
Verb[6] = "is further compounded when taking into account";
Verb[7] = "presents extremely interesting challenges to";
Verb[8] = "recognizes other systems' importance and the necessity for";
Verb[9] = "effects a significant implementation of";
Verb[10] = "adds overriding performance constraints to";
Verb[11] = "mandates staff-meeting-level attention to";
Verb[12] = "is functionally equivalent and parallel to";
ObjectPhrase[0] = " ";
ObjectPhrase[1] = "the "+seed+" sophisticated physical layer";
ObjectPhrase[2] = "the "+seed+" anticipated fourth-generation equipment.";
ObjectPhrase[3] = "the "+seed+" subsystem compatibility testing.";
ObjectPhrase[4] = "the "+seed+" structural design, based on system engineering concepts.";
ObjectPhrase[5] = "the "+seed+" preliminary qualification limit.";
ObjectPhrase[6] = "the "+seed+" evolution of specifications over a given time period.";
ObjectPhrase[7] = "the "+seed+" philosophy of commonality and standardization.";
ObjectPhrase[8] = "the "+seed+" greater fight-worthiness concept.";
ObjectPhrase[9] = "any "+seed+" discrete configuration mode.";
ObjectPhrase[10] = "the "+seed+" management-by-contention principle.";
ObjectPhrase[11] = "the "+seed+" total system rationale.";
ObjectPhrase[12] = "possible "+seed+" bidirectional logical relationship approaches.";
ObjectPhrase[13] = "the "+seed+" postulated use of dialog management technology.";
function RandomNumber() {
var today = new Date();
num= Math.abs(Math.sin(today.getTime()));
return num;
// End -->
<form method=post>
<table border=5 cellpadding=5>
<center>Enter your very own buzzwords term and hit "Buzz!"</center></td>
<input type=text name=InSeed size=40>     <input type="button" value="Buzz!" onClick="FillBs(this.form)"></td>

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