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User Details >>> Visitor Monitor.

If you are really interested in knowing who has come to your site, use this script. You will receive an e-mail from each visitor without them sending it.

Change the 'dummy' e-mail address to yours.
As a security precaution, newer browsers pop up a security alert box for this script - you can't prevent it from showing)

Add the below code to the <body> section of your page:

<script language="javascript" type="text/javascript">      
/* Visit for full source code
and get more free JavaScript, CSS and DHTML scripts! */
<!-- Begin
var startTime = new Date();
startTime = startTime.getTime();
var submissions = 0;

function checkForDuplicate() {
if (document.form1) {
document.form1.REFERRER.value = document.referrer;
document.form1.PLATFORM.value = navigator.appName
+ " " + navigator.appVersion;
if (submissions > 1)
return false;
else {
return false;
function doneLoading() {
var stopTime = new Date();
stopTime = stopTime.getTime();
document.form1.LOADING_TIME.value = ((stopTime - startTime) / 1000)
" seconds";
document.form1.PAGE.value = document.title;;
window.onload = doneLoading;
// End -->
<FORM name="form1" METHOD=post action=" Visitor Monitor" enctype="text/plain" onSubmit="return checkForDuplicate()">
type="hidden" name="PAGE" value="none">
type="hidden" name="REFERRER" value="none">
type="hidden" name="PLATFORM" value="none">
type="hidden" name="LOADING_TIME" value="none">
type="submit" name="SUBMITTER" value="Click me to let me know you were here">

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