Free Html Editor

Free HTML Editor is a Web page editor that supports site management, and file upload. It provides an extensive set of visual tools and templates to speed up page creation. The standalone site manager makes site management and uploading easier. It also provides a full host of Java, JavaScript, and DHTML tools to create a large variety of buttons, menus, banners, and other special effects. This is a Web authoring tool designed for both beginners and advanced Web authors.

Free Html Editor uses syntax highlighting to make the coding of Web pages easier. It also has an Items Palette to add HTML tags to your pages, as well as a Preview in Browser button. The Free HTML Editor Application can open most text-based files.

Some of the major new features of Free HTML Editor include auto-completing code, which gives a code attributes list during your editing; and 'usage hint', a pop-up prompt for general usage of the tag while the mouse moves over it. With updated interface and an optional customizable toolbar. The bound premade site templates make it easy to create a site in minutes.

It has features like syntax highlighting, Table construct, and alignment. This free html editor also has all the fundamental editor functionalities like: Cut, Copy, Paste, File Open, and Save. Free Html Editor allows you to create your own Web pages without having to learn complex scripting languages.

Create, manage, and publish your website with this easy to use editor. A must for anyone who uses HTML. Includes Hundreds of HTML tags for quick reference, easy menus allow you to quickly add images, links , anchors and more essential web objects. Comes with FTP for uploading files, Comes with over 20 insertable java scripts, 8 pre designed web templates and a quick code feature for storing and quick access of code.


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