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The DataList Web server control displays data in a format that you can define using templates and styles. The DataList control is useful for data in any repeating structure, such as a table. The DataList control can display rows in different layouts, such as ordering them in columns or rows.


The DataList control renders items in a list using HTML table elements. To precisely control the HTML that is used to render a list, use the Repeater Web server control instead of the DataList control.

Optionally, you can configure the DataList control to allow users to edit or delete information. You can also customize the control to support other functionality, such as selecting rows.

You use templates to define the layout of data items by including HTML text and controls. For example, you might use a Label Web server control in an item to display a field from the data source.

The following sections introduce you to the features of the DataList control.

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Expand imageDefining Templates for DataList Items

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