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This walkthrough is a hands-on demonstration of the essential components and tasks for creating Web pages that use Web Parts controls.

In many Web applications it is useful to be able to change the appearance of the content, and to allow users to select and arrange the content they want to see. The ASP.NET Web Parts feature consists of a set of controls for creating Web pages that present modular content, and that enable users to change the appearance and content to suit their preferences. For a general introduction to Web Parts, see ASP.NET Web Parts Overview. For a description of the main components in the Web Parts control set, several of which are used in this walkthrough, see Web Parts Control Set Overview.

During this walkthrough, you create a page that uses the Web Parts control set to create a Web page that users can modify, or personalize. Tasks illustrated in this walkthrough include:

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Expand imageCreating a Simple Page with Web Parts

Expand imageEnabling Users to Edit Pages and Change Layout

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