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The AdRotator Web server control provides a convenient way to display advertisements (ads) on your ASP.NET Web pages. The control displays a graphic image that you provide — a .gif file or similar image. When users click the ad, they are redirected to a target URL that you have specified. The control automatically reads advertisement information, such as the graphic file name and the target URL, from a list of ads that you provide using a data source, which is usually an XML file or database table.

The AdRotator control selects ads randomly, changing the displayed ad each time the page is refreshed. Ads can be weighted to control the priority level of banners, making it possible to have certain ads display more often than others. You can also write custom logic that cycles through the ads.

Ad information can come from a variety of sources, such as the following:

Expand imageXML File Format for Ad Files

Expand imageFiltering Ads by Keyword

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