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The DetailsView control gives you the ability to display, edit, insert, or delete a single record at a time from its associated data source. By default, the DetailsView control displays each field of a record on its own line. The DetailsView control is typically used for updating and inserting new records, often in a master/detail scenario where the selected record of the master control determines the record to display in the DetailsView control. The DetailsView control displays only a single data record at a time, even if its data source exposes multiple records.

The DetailsView control relies on the capabilities of the data source control to perform tasks such as updating, inserting, and deleting records. The DetailsView control does not support sorting.

The DetailsView control can automatically page over the data in its associated data source, provided that the data is represented by an object supporting the ICollection interface or that the underlying data source supports paging. The DetailsView control provides the user interface (UI) for navigating between data records. To enable paging behavior, set the AllowPaging property to true.

You select a particular record from the associated data source by paging to that record. The record displayed by the DetailsView control is the current selected record.

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