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The BulletedList control can display static text in a list that is either unordered (bulleted) or ordered (numbered).

To add a BulletedList Web server control to a Web Forms page

  1. Add an <asp:BulletedList> element to the page.

  2. Set the BulletedList control's DisplayMode property to one of the following values to specify how the control displays list items:

    • TextВ В В Items are displayed as plain text.

    • HyperLinkВ В В Items are displayed as hyperlinks.

    • LinkButtonВ В В Items are displayed as link buttons.

  3. Add list items to the control in one of the following ways:

  4. Set the BulletStyle property to specify whether the control displays items as bullets or as numbers. To create a numbered, or ordered, list, set the property to one of the following enumeration values:

    • Numbered

    • LowerAlpha

    • UpperAlpha

    • LowerRoman

    • LowerRoman

    To create a bulleted, or unordered, list, set the property to one of the following values:

    • Disc

    • Circle

    • Square

    To display bullets as custom images, set the BulletStyle property to the URL of a graphic. The same graphic is displayed for each item.


The example shows a BulletedList control that is configured to display the list items as hyperlinks. The control contains statically defined items in which the URLs of the hyperlinks are defined in the Value property of each item. The control is also configured to display a custom image as the bullet.

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