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If you are using Internet Information Services 6.0, after installing ASP.NET you might need to enable ASP.NET in the Internet Information Services (IIS) management console. IIS 6.0 introduces a new security lockdown console, which allows an administrator to selectively enable and disable functionality in IIS. When ASP.NET version 1.1 or ASP.NET 2.0 is installed on a computer that uses IIS 6.0, the installation script creates a metabase key for that version of ASP.NET. This metabase key allows ASP.NET to appear in the console as a configurable component. A separate key is created for each installed version of ASP.NET, allowing each version to be separately configurable in the console. When a version of ASP.NET is uninstalled from a computer, the respective key is also removed.

To manage items in the security lockdown console

  1. Open the Internet Information Services management console.

  2. Expand the local computer node.

  3. Click the Web Service Extensions folder. The security lockdown console appears in the frame on the right.

  4. With the Extended tab selected, click the Web Service Extension item you want to configure.

  5. Click the Allow or Prohibit button to enable or disable the item.

  6. Click the Add a new Web service extension link to add a new item to the console.

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