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You can add a radio button to a Web Forms page in two ways:

When you use individual RadioButton Web server controls, you typically add a set of them to the page and then group them. You can create multiple separate groups of buttons.

To add individual RadioButton controls to a Web Forms page

  1. Type an <asp:RadioButton> element onto the page. For syntax, see RadioButton Web Server Control.

  2. Specify a caption by setting the Text property.


    CheckBox is the base class for RadioButton.

  3. Optionally, change the orientation of the caption by setting the TextAlign property.

  4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 for each radio button.

To group individual RadioButton controls

  • Set the GroupName property of each control to the same name. You can use any string as the name, but do not include a space. For example, you might assign the string "RadioButtonGroup1" to the GroupName property of all the buttons.

    To create multiple groups, use a different group name for each.


    You can add RadioButton controls to the page and group them with existing groups at any point.

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