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The TextBox Web server control provides a way for users to type information into a Web Forms page, including text, numbers, and dates. You can configure the TextBox Web server control in several ways, as described in the following table.

Configuration Description


Users type information in a single line. You can optionally limit the number of characters that the control accepts.


Like a single-line TextBox control, but the characters users type are masked with asterisks (*) to hide them.

Security noteSecurity Note

Using a TextBox control set for passwords can help ensure that other people will not be able to determine a user's password if they observe the user entering it. However, the password text entered is not encrypted in any way, and you should protect it as you would any other confidential data. For example, for maximum security when posting a form with a password in it, you might use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) and encryption.


Users type information in a box that displays multiple lines and allows text wrapping.

Security noteSecurity Note

User input in a Web Forms page can include potentially malicious client script. By default, the Web Forms page validates that user input does not include script or HTML elements. For more information, see Script Exploits Overview.

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