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ASP.NET includes features that enable you to add data access to your ASP.NET Web pages with little or no code. You can connect to databases, XML data and files, and business objects as data sources. You can then display data using a variety of controls that provide great flexibility in how you present data on the page.

In This Section

ASP.NET Data Access Overview

Provides general information about ASP.NET Web server controls for connecting to data sources and for displaying and editing data in Web pages.

Binding to Databases

Provides information about connecting to databases such as Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, and others.

Data-Binding Expression Syntax

Provides information about specifying data binding programmatically in page markup.

Securing Data Access

Provides information about security issues associated with data access in Web sites.

Related Sections

Building ASP.NET Applications

Provides information about creating ASP.NET Web applications.


Provides information about classes that you can use to access data programmatically in the .NET Framework.

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