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The CMyProviderCommand class is the implementation for the provider command object. It provides the implementation for the IAccessor, ICommandText, and ICommandProperties interfaces. The IAccessor interface is the same as the one in the rowset. The command object uses the accessor to specify bindings for parameters. The rowset object uses them to specify bindings for output columns. The ICommandText interface is a useful way to specify a command textually. This example uses the ICommandText interface later when it adds custom code; it also overrides the ICommand::Execute method. The ICommandProperties interface handles all of the properties for the command and rowset objects.

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// CMyProviderCommand
class ATL_NO_VTABLE CMyProviderCommand : 
class ATL_NO_VTABLE CMyProviderCommand : 
   public CComObjectRootEx<CComSingleThreadModel>,
   public IAccessorImpl<CMyProviderCommand>,
   public ICommandTextImpl<CMyProviderCommand>,
   public ICommandPropertiesImpl<CMyProviderCommand>,
   public IObjectWithSiteImpl<CMyProviderCommand>,
   public IConvertTypeImpl<CMyProviderCommand>,
   public IColumnsInfoImpl<CMyProviderCommand>

The IAccessor interface manages all the bindings used in commands and rowsets. The consumer calls IAccessor::CreateAccessor with an array of DBBINDING structures. Each DBBINDING structure contains the information about how the column bindings should be handled (such as type and length). The provider receives the structures and then determines how the data should be transferred and whether any conversions are necessary. The IAccessor interface is used in the command object to handle any parameters in the command.

The command object also provides an implementation of IColumnsInfo. OLE DB requires the IColumnsInfo interface. The interface allows the consumer to retrieve information about parameters from the command. The rowset object uses the IColumnsInfo interface to return information about the output columns to the provider.

The provider also contains an interface called IObjectWithSite. The IObjectWithSite interface was implemented in ATL 2.0 and allows the implementer to pass information about itself to its child. The command object uses the IObjectWithSite information to tell any generated rowset objects about who created them.

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JavaScript EditorDhtml editor     Free javascript download