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E.7. MySQL Connector/MXJ Change History

E.7.1. Changes in MySQL Connector/MXJ 5.0.6 (04 May 2007)

  • Removed use-default-architecture property replaced.

  • Moved into db-files.jar.

  • Updated build.xml in preperation for next beta build.

  • Clarified the startup max wait numbers.

  • Changed tests to shutdown mysqld prior to deleting files.

  • Delete portFile on shutdown.

  • Swapped out commercial binaries for v5.0.40.

  • Fixed port file to always be writen to datadir.

  • Added to resource directory mapping properties file.

E.7.2. Changes in MySQL Connector/MXJ 5.0.5 (14 March 2007)

Changes in this release:

  • Updated build.xml in prep for next release.

  • Swapped out gpl binaries for v5.0.37.

  • Swapped out commercial binaries for v5.0.36.

  • Found and removed dynamic linking in mysql_kill; updated solution.

  • Changed default mysql version to 5.0.37.

  • Replaced Boolean.parseBoolean with JDK 1.4 compliant valueOf.

  • Added Patched StandardSocketFactory from Connector/J 5-0 HEAD.

  • build.xml: usage now slightly more verbose; some reformatting.

  • Replaced windows kill.exe resource with re-written version specific to mysqld.

  • SIGHUP is replaced with MySQLShutdown<PID> event.

  • Now incoporates Reggie Bernett's SafeTerminateProcess and only calls the unsafe TerminateProcess as a final last resort.

  • New windows kill.exe fixes bug where mysqld was being force terminated. Issue reported by bruno haleblian and others, see: MySQL Forums.

  • In testing so far mysqld reliably shuts down cleanly much faster.

  • Changed protected constructor of SimpleMysqldDynamicMBean from taking a MysqldResource to taking a MysqldFactory, in order to lay groundwork for addressing BUG discovered by Andrew Rubinger. See: MySQL Forums (Actual testing with JBoss, and filing a bug, is still required.)

  • Changed SimpleMysqldDynamicMBean to create MysqldResource on demand in order to allow setting of datadir. (Rubinger bug groundwork).

  • Added getDataDir() to interface MysqldResourceI.

  • Added testcase to which demonstrats that dataDir is a mutable MBean property.

  • Moved MysqldFactory to main package.

  • Reformatting: Added newlines some files which did not end in them.

  • Added 5.1.15 binaries to the repository.

  • Removed 5.1.14 binaries from the repository.

  • Clarified the synchronization of MysqldResource methods.

  • Clarified the immutability of baseDir, dataDir, pidFile, portFile.

  • Removed 5.0.22 binaries from the repository.

  • Added 5.1.14 binaries to repository.

  • Ensured 5.1.14 compatibility.

E.7.3. Changes in MySQL Connector/MXJ 5.0.4 (28 January 2007)

  • Swapped out gpl binaries for v5.0.27.

  • Swapped out commercial binaries for v5.0.32.

  • Updated build.xml to build to handle with different gpl and commercial mysld version numbers.

  • Moved mysqld binary resourced into separate jar file NOTICE: CLASSPATH will now need to connector-mxj-db-files.jar.

  • Minor test robustness improvements.

  • Moved default version string out of java class into a text editable properties file ( in the resources directory.

  • Introduced property for Linux & WinXX to default to 32bit versions.

  • Allow multiple calls to start server from URL connection on non-3306 port. (Bug#24004)

  • Only populate the options map from the help text if specifically requested or in the MBean case.

  • Fixed test to be tollerant of /tmp being a symlink to /foo/tmp.

E.7.4. Changes in MySQL Connector/MXJ 5.0.3 (24 June 2006)

  • Swapped out the mysqld binaries for MySQL v5.0.22.

  • Removed "TeeOutputStream" - no longer needed.

  • Removed unused imports, formatted code, made minor edits to tests.

E.7.5. Changes in MySQL Connector/MXJ 5.0.2 (15 June 2006)

Changes in this release:

  • Replaced string parsing with JDBC connection attempt for determining if a mysqld is "ready for connections" CLASSPATH will now need to include Connector/J jar.

  • Extended timeout for help string parsing, to avoid cases where the help text was getting prematurely flushed, and thus truncated.

Changes made on 11 May 2006:

  • Added trace level logging with Aspect/J. CLASSPATH will now need to include lib/aspectjrt.jar

Changes made on 11 May 2006:

  • Swapped out the mysqld binaries for MySQL v5.0.21

Changes made on 04 May 2006:

  • ServerLauncherSocketFactory now treats URL parameters in the form of & as serverOptionMap.put("foo", null)

Changes made on 26 April 2006:

  • MysqldResource now tied to dataDir as well as basedir (API CHANGE)

  • moved PID file into datadir

  • ServerLauncherSocketFactory.shutdown API change: now takes 2 File parameters (basedir, datadir)

  • insulated users from problems with "." in basedir

Changes made on 25 April 2006:

  • Made tests more robust be deleting the /tmp/test-c.mxj directory before running tests.

  • socket is now "mysql.sock" in datadir

  • ServerLauncherSocketFactory.shutdown now works across JVMs.

  • ServerLauncherSocketFactory.shutdown API change: now takes File parameter (basedir) instead of port.

  • altered to be "basedir" rather than "port" oriented.

Changes made on 18 April 2006:

  • ServerLauncherSocketFactory.shutdown(port) no longer throws, only reports to System.err

Changes made on 16 March 2006:

  • swapped out the mysqld binaries for MySQL v5.0.19

  • added ability to specify "mysql-version" as an url parameter

  • extracted splitLines(String) to Str utility class

  • extracted array and list printing to ListToString utility class

  • reformatted code

Changes made on 16 January 2006:

  • swapped out the mysqld binaries for MySQL v5.0.18

  • "platform" directories replace spaces with underscores

  • help parsing test reflects current help options

E.7.6. Changes in MySQL Connector/MXJ 5.0.1 (Never released)

This was an internal only release.

E.7.7. Changes in MySQL Connector/MXJ 5.0.0 (09 December 2005)

Changes made on 16 January 2006:

  • Swapped out the mysqld binaries for MySQL v5.0.16.

Changes made on 25 October 2005:

  • Altered examples and tests to use new Connector/J 5.0 URL syntax for for launching Connector/MXJ ("jdbc:mysql:mxj://")

  • Minor refactorings for type casting and exception handling.

Changes made on 30 August 2005:

  • Reorganized utils into a single "Utils" collaborator.

  • Ditched "ClassUtil" (merged with Str).

  • Removed HelpOptionsParser's need to reference a MysqldResource.

Changes made on 29 August 2005:

  • Minor test tweaks


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