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PEAR_Config::setInstallRoot() -- setInstallRoot


require_once '/Config.php'; (since PEAR 1.4.0)

void PEAR_Config::setInstallRoot (string|false $root)


This is used to implement the --installroot option for installation. In earlier PEAR versions, this was implemented in PEAR_Installer::install(), but this makes it more difficult to track with the introduction of channels, and to satisfy better encapsulation, it has been moved to PEAR_Config.

Pass in a full path. On retrieving any directory configuration variable, the value will be prepended with the installroot specified in this method. For example, if php_dir is /usr/lib/php, and setInstallRoot() is used with /hoopla/boo, the value returned from get() would be /hoopla/boo/usr/lib/php. Use an empty string '' to reset an installroot.


string|FALSE $root

installation directory to prepend to all _dir variables, or FALSE to disable


throws no exceptions thrown


This function can not be called statically.

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