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Table of Contents
Introduction --  Getting started with Gtk_Scrollinglabel?
Gtk_ScrollingLabel::getFullText -- Returns the full text of the label.
Gtk_ScrollingLabel::getHiddenText -- Returns all of the text that is not currently visible.
Gtk_ScrollingLabel::getScrollingLabel -- Returns a GtkEventBox with the scrolling label inside.
Gtk_ScrollingLabel::getStyle -- Gets the label's style widget
Gtk_ScrollingLabel::getVisibleLength -- Returns the length of the visible area in characters.
Gtk_ScrollingLabel::pause -- Stops the label from scrolling without reseting the label text
Gtk_ScrollingLabel::setBounce -- Sets the text to bounce between the borders of the label
Gtk_ScrollingLabel::setStartSignal --  Connects the startScroll() method to a given event.
Gtk_ScrollingLabel::startScroll -- Begins scrolling the text from the start of the string.
Gtk_ScrollingLabel::unPause -- Begins scrolling the label from its current position


This package has been superseded. Please use Gtk2_ScrollingLabel for new projects.

A class that creates a scrolling marquee.

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