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Table of Contents
Introduction -- introduction to Validate_AU
List of available validations -- available validation in Validate_AU
Package Validate_AU Constants -- Constants defined in and used by Validate_AU
Validate_AU::abn() -- Australian Business Number (ABN).
Validate_AU::acn() -- Validate an Australian Company Number (ACN)
Validate_AU::phoneNumber() -- Validate a telephone number.
Validate_AU::postalCode() -- Validate Austrialian postal codes.
Validate_AU::region() -- Validates Australian Regional Codes
Validate_AU::ssn() -- Social Security Number.
Validate_AU::tfn() -- Tax File Number (TFN)


This package is in alpha state

Package contains locale validation for Australia such as:

  1. Tax File Number

  2. Postal Code

  3. Phone Number

  4. Australian Business Number

  5. Australian Company Number

  6. Regions (States)

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