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PHP MySQL Programming

Chapter 1 - Exploring the PHP Environment
Chapter 2 - Using Variables and Input
Chapter 3 - Controlling Your Code with Conditions and Functions
Chapter 4 - Loops and Arrays: The Poker Dice Game
Chapter 5 - Better Arrays and String Handling
Chapter 6 - Working with Files
Chapter 7 - Using MySQL to Create Databases
Chapter 8 - Connecting to Databases Within PHP
Chapter 9 - Data Normalization
Chapter 10 - Building a Three-Tiered Data Application
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of In The Real World
List of Sidebars

Index # 2

Exploring the PHP Environment
Introducing the "Tip of the Day" Program
Programming on the Web Server
Building Basic HTML Pages
Using CSS to Enhance Your Pages
Using Form Elements
Adding PHP to Your Pages
Creating the "Tip of the Day" Program
HTML objects
Apache, PHP, and mySQL
Using Variables and Input
Introducing the Story Program
Using Variables in Your Scripts
Using Variables for More Complex Pages
Working with Numeric Variables
Creating a Form to Ask a Question
Sending Data without a Form
Reading Input from Other Form Elements
Returning to the Story Program
PHP program
PHP script
Controlling Your Code with Conditions and Functions
Creating a Random Number
Using the if Statement to Control Program Flow
Working with Negative Results
Working with Multiple Values
Using the switch Structure to Simplify Programming
Combining a Form and Its Results
Using Functions to Encapsulate Parts of the Program
Using Parameters and Function Values
Managing Variable Scope
Returning to the Petals Game
if clause, else statements
page caption, background color, font color, and text body
Loops and Arrays
Web Design
Introducing the Poker Dice Program
Counting with the for Loop
Modifying the for Loop
Using a while Loop
Working with Basic Arrays
Arrays and Loops
Keeping Persistent Data
Setting up the HTML
array() directive

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Better Arrays and String Handling
Introducing the Word Search Creator
Using the foreach loop to Work with an Array
Creating an Associative Array
Using Built-In Associative Arrays
Creating a Multi-Dimensional Array
Building the HTML for the Associative Array
Demonstrating String Manipulation with the Pig Latin Translator
Returning to the Word Search Creator
kinds of arrays
Working with Files
Entering the Quiz Machine System
Saving a File to the File System
Loading a File from the Drive System
Reading a File into an Array
Working with Directory Information
Working with Formatted Text
Getting the File List
appropriate functions
PHP programs
Using MySQL to Create Databases
Introducing the Adventure Generator Program
Using a Database Management System
Working with MySQL
Creating a Database
Writing a Script to Build a Table
Working with a Database in SQLyog
Creating More Powerful Queries
Designing the Data Structure
SEO Wiki
Connecting to Databases Within PHP
Displaying One Segment
basic SQL statements
HINT: Think
Data Normalization
Introducing the Spy Database
The badSpy Database
Designing a Better Data Structure
Building Your Data Tables
Building a Link Table for Many-Many Relationships
INNER JOIN SQL statements
Building a Three-Tiered Data Application
Introducing the Spy Master Program
Building the Design of the SpyMaster System
Preparing the Database
Creating the spyLib Library Module
Web programming
agent search
variable naming character
action method
Basic Array program
cascading style sheets
tables, multi-dimensional arrays
else statements
feof() function
get method
handles, files
if…else statements
joins, inner
libraries, functions
Mail Merge program
opening files
page styles (CSS)
control page
scope, variables
scope, variables
USE SQL command
VARCHAR fields
Web editors
Exploring the PHP Environment
Using Variables and Input
Controlling Your Code with Conditions and Functions

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