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Internet Marketing Power Couple taking Atlanta by Storm

Jennifer Dunphy and Konrad Rzasa are bucking the recession talk and have embarked on a path of growth for their local internet marketing company Vayu Media

Jennifer is holding the position of VP of Sales & Marketing while Konrad is responsible for the North American operations of the company. Their company launched its operations in Atlanta in December 2008, however, it has had an online presence since the late 90’s. They are operating their company out of the brand new 12th and midtown development. “We love Atlanta and we moved into the heart of Atlanta to support our growth initiative in the South East. We operated out of the suburbs and are glad to be back” said Jennifer.

Vayu Media is the premier company for local internet advertising using search engine marketing and local search engine optimization. Vayu Media is taking advantage of the consumer shift from traditional media to internet based marketing. The company’s focus is local online business marketing and web design services. “We have received a tremendous response from the Atlanta market. Our strategy to get out into the market place and consult with local businesses face to face has allowed us to make local business owners aware of the opportunity that exists online. In order to stay relevant in today’s market every local business must have an online marketing strategy and we’re benefiting from this” said Jennifer.

While Jennifer is focused on the revenue growth and sales agent growth of the company Konrad is managing the operations of the business. “Our strategy is to keep our organization as flat as possible. This allows us to pass on our over-head expense savings back directly to our clients. Our competition in the local markets is facing challenges due to their heavy management and cost structure. We leverage our Columbian subsidiary for all labor intensive search engine optimization work and can deliver more hours of work for our client’s budget. It is a cost equation that has allowed us to deliver results and show a return on investment for our clients. When you show clients results then new customer acquisition happens naturally and the recession talk becomes irrelevant” explained Konrad.

The couple definitely has the energy to take the Atlanta market by storm. At this point they are on the run 24/7. May it be an Atlanta Chamber of Commerce event, client visits, business networking events or a Jezebel Happy Hour event. You should see more of the next power couple of Atlanta in the coming months...

If you’re interested in Vayu Media’s local search engine marketing & web design services please visit the company’s website at VayuMedia.com

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