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New Goal Setting Website Launched

Amiglowz is a community-based website designed for people looking for a complete goal setting system

What are your goals? Do you want to quit smoking, lose weight, run a marathon, or raise money for a local charity? Whatever your goals may be you need to ask yourself, how am I going to achieve them? Many of us say, some day I want to go to Hawaii or Monday I will start eating better; but we rarely start working towards the thing we want in our lives. Maybe it is because we don’t know where to start or do not have the support to push us forward.

A new web site called AmiGlowz.com, created by a New England based company, is your answer. AmiGlowz.com incorporates a social/community feel with features that will give people the necessary tools for successful goal setting.

How did AmiGlowz.com come about?

Co-founder Lauren Langmaid was searching for a goal setting solution and was unable to find one that fit her needs, so she approached now fellow co-founder Becky Steed, and AmiGlowz was born. What started out to be a simple goal setting web site bloomed into two years of design and development and more features and options than they originally had mapped-out. The goal was to make AmiGlowz a powerful, yet fun and easy to use, web site for everyone. The name you ask, AmiGlowz, takes off of the word amigos because of the friend and community aspect of the site. The glow and firefly theme comes from the inner glow and energy we all have inside of us. Inner Glow Concepts, LLC is also the name of their company.

Why use Amiglowz.com to manage your goals?

Whether you decide to set goals on your own or seek help from their community, AmiGlowz.com boasts having many unique features for a complete goal management experience. The web site and its community of goal-setters is designed to support your efforts in achieving your personal and community-based goals. You can create a personal profile, track and manage your goals and action items, journal your achievements and list your challenges, and share your progress and success with your Amiglowz buddies. You can even upload inspirational pictures, create a dream board and chat with your new friends though their message center. Through the community at Amiglowz.com, you can also get inspiration, motivation, and ideas to help you achieve your goals.

Who uses AmiGlowz.com?

AmiGlowz is designed for anyone 18 or older to use, everyone has goals we just need a way to track and manage them. Dr. Darcy Crisp, an AmiGlowz “goal-setter” has been using AmiGlowz.com since its launch for two separate goals. She finds it easy to use and loves the community aspect of the web site. She says, “having the support from others who are trying to set the same or similar goals really helps keep you on track and motivated. It is also a way to help keep you accountable to the goals you are trying to achieve.”

How do I get started?

You can try Amiglowz.com without financial commitment (no credit card necessary) for 30 days and experience for yourself all the unique features that Amiglowz.com offers to meet your personal goal setting needs. The folks at AmiGlowz.com encourage you to decide for yourself during your first 30 days and come find your Aspirational Luminescence.

What’s next for AmiGlowz.com?

The designers already have plans to add additional features and benefits. Throughout 2009 their goal is to continue to increase their community of users and release new features later this year.

Visit AmiGlowz at http://www.amiglowz.com

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