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Understanding Religion and Death

Helping people to understand the connection between religion and death. Insightful information and fun facts

"There are various forms of death that one can experience; one does not necessarily need to stop breathing to be deceased. The type of death I am referring to is a secondary death, nearly everyone experiences one or more of these throughout their lifetime. A secondary death can be negative or positive and it consists of an event that leads to an individual redefining themselves and allowing their past to die. Primary death is when someone is no longer physically alive; there is no coming back from that. Primary death can result in secondary deaths within those that were close to the person that passed away. Secondary death can also have similar results depending on how severe the source of the death is. Some of the secondary deaths are: addiction, heartache, separation, loss, guilt, or even conformity.

The way one someone dies metaphorically from a drug or alcohol addiction is pretty apparent in their lifestyle and the results of their lifestyle. A drug addiction can cause one to lose their self to the point where no one even recognizes who they are any more. This is very similar to primary death, when someone passes their images begins to fade away. Someone suffering from an addiction begins to communicate less and less with those around them, even family members. A primary death ends communication with everyone on this earth. When someone loses their mind to an addiction many friends will let go because the friendship is harmful, and they will be left with only the memories of who the person was before.

Heartache can be a form secondary death because those who have their heart broken are often redefined whether they like it or not. Heart break can either make someone a stronger or weaker person, the reaction is based on the individual and how they choose to view the situation. If someone sits around moping and saying there is no one else that they could be within the world they choose a pessimistic path that often results in a negative secondary death. However, if someone opens their eyes up and realizes that there are plenty of people out there and most likely someone out there that they would be happier with; then they are redefined in a positive manner. Some can even grow from a circumstance like this and become stronger or more determined."

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