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Huge Names Database Goes Live

Namepedia, currently in Beta, allows users to browse over 10,000,000 names and to view social media profiles and blog articles for each one

Namepedia, currently in Beta, is a new website that lists over 10,000,000 names. Users can either browse the huge database to find the name they're interested in or simply search for the name.

Once a user locates the name of interest, matching social media results and blog articles can be viewed.

Gary O'Brien of Namepedia added "Namepedia is really a proof-of-concept at the moment. We've got a long way to go before the site is finished and the key to success is the quality of the search results that the user is presented with."

Visit Namepedia at http://www.namepedia.co.uk - maybe your name is already listed?

Namepedia is a huge database of names. Locate a name to view social media results and blog articles for a specific person. Visit http://www.namepedia.co.uk to get started.

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