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Seo search engine optimization easily tutorial.

what your very first steps MUST be when creating any website
Do NOT start off by optimizing for the keyword "weight loss"
Let's take a quick peek at Google
We'll begin with the keyword "weight loss story"
quick definition of Page Rank
View The Source Code
Whether or not they are using h1
bolded, underlined, or italicized the words
We now know we can easily out optimize this #1 ranked website!
Cost: Free
One Time Cost
Monthly Cost
Let's Optimize Our Webpage
Always Combine Your Keywords In The Page Title!
Add h2 header tags
Force Google To Read Your Keywords First!
Google WILL View all of the text
get indexed by Google in 24 hours
Notice your website title, description, and URL now appear
what NOT to do when trying to get indexed by Google
Never Use The Google Submission Form!
Purchasing Text Links!
Onpage Optimization
Copy The Top Ranked Websites To Get A #1 Position
Which websites link to them
The Google Page Rank of the websites linking to them
The page title of the website linking to them
The number and type of links linking to the website that's linking to them
The total number of links on the website that is linking to them
The IP Address of the webpages linking to them
review what we've managed to gather thus far
Using to automate everything
What will do is analyze ALL
First let's look at the Anchor Text column
BIG plus for them and something you'll want to duplicate!
Now, let's scroll to the left and look at the IP Address column
Google's smarter than that and doing that won't work
we'll look at the column titled Page Rank
website with a high Page Rank
Anchor Text
main offpage optimization factors
onpage factors
Link Request template
do this for you automatically
View the Report View Tab
You've just contacted 1,000+ websites at once!
General Business
first 25 business related
way you could increase the number of links to your website
THE most important aspect of ranking well
How do you know if you've been banned?
What can cause your website to get banned?
Hidden Text
continue to rank #1
Alt image tag spamming
Meta Tag Stuffing
Anything a competitor could do to harm your website will NEVER be penalized by Google.
Black Hat SEO is simply doing all of the things that can get you banned by the search engines
Select Google PR
So, you'll want to write down which websites have a Page Rank of 0
how do you ensure yourself, 100% that you're not linking to a "bad neighbor"? I have just the solution
GREAT way to get links to your website
Request a Link Exchange
Quick Review
Let's analyze a website!
Onpage optimization factors
how they're doing it
Anchor Text
Internal Linking is the way you link to other pages within your own website
internet marketing
Onpage Analysis
the links, the links, the links
pages linking
Google for this keyphrase
What NOT to do
top 1,000 websites
"vote" for an inner webpage on your website by using your main keyword
What is Google Page Rank?
A link or "vote"
How is Page Rank Calculated?
webpages link to our pages
let's see what happens if we link page A to page B
Was that over your head?
Ready for an extremely powerful trick that I use on all of my websites?
we could visit each of these websites manually
The main thing is to DO THIS!

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