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The first number, 123, is the area code, the second, 555, is the exchange, and the third, 1212, is the number
within that exchange. The numbers go from most significant to least significant. 123 probably indicates
“somewhere in this or that state.” 555 means “some county in the state,” and so on. So we can assert that
the person answering the phone at 123.555.1212 is in the same neighborhood as 123.555.1213.
Likewise, IP addresses located in the same C class — that is, addresses that match for the first three
octets (*
) — are very likely to be nearby, perhaps even on the same server.
When sites are interlinked with many links that come from such similar IP addresses, they will be regarded
suspiciously, and those links may be devalued. For example, a link from
is a link between two such sites. Done excessively, this can be an indicator
for artificial link schemes meant to manipulate the rankings of those web sites. Matt Cutts affirms that
Google scrutinizes this sort of interlinking in his video at
Perhaps you host quite a few sites with similar themed content for whatever reason, and do not wish
to worry about this. There are a few vendors that offer hosting in multiple C classes. We don’t have
experience working with any of these providers, and do not make any recommendations. This is just
a list of hosting services that we’ve found that offer this particular service. Many of them also offer
custom nameserver and netblock information.
TLD of Domain Name for a Link
It is widely believed that
domain names are less susceptible to manipulation and there-
fore weighed more heavily. This is disputed by some search engine marketers as the actual factor, and
they assert that the same effect may be as a result of the age (most schools and governmental agencies
have had sites for a while), and amount of links that they’ve acquired over time. Matt Cutts coincides
with this view (
). It is mostly irrelevant,
however, what the underlying reason is. Getting a link from a site that fits this sort of profile is very
desirable — and most
domains do.
Link Location
Links prominently presented in content near the center of the page may be regarded by the search
engines as more important. Links embedded in content presented near the bottom of a page are usually
less important; and external links at the bottom of a page to semantically unrelated sites may, at worst,
be a criterion for spam-detection. Presentation location is different than
location. The physical
location within the document was historically important, but is less of a factor more recently. Ideally, the
primary content of a page should be early in the HTML source of a web page, as well as prominently
displayed in the center region of a web page. More on this topic is discussed in Chapter 6, “SE-Friendly
HTML and JavaScript.”
Chapter 2: A Primer in Basic SEO
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