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A better CTR means a better ad. The most important factor in a search engine result may be the page
title, but if you’re shopping for blue widgets, and you see the following two results, which one would
you click if you were looking for “blue widgets,” all other variables equal?
For a real-world example, see Figure 3-1, where I was searching for “Mickey Mouse t-shirt.”
Figure 3-1
URLs and Duplicate Content
As mentioned earlier, if a search engine establishes that many different URLs in a web site contain the
same content, it may not index them at all; in the worst case, if it is done excessively, it may designate
the site as a spam site and penalize it.
Unfortunately, many web sites have been “forced” to create duplicate content because of technical con-
siderations and business rules. However, sometimes there are better solutions to these considerations
and rules. The concepts of the URLs and duplicate content are intimately related. This chapter and the
next discuss the technicalities related to URL rewriting and redirection, and Chapter 5 analyzes the con-
cept of duplicate content.
Chapter 3: Provocative SE-Friendly URLs
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JavaScript Editor Ajax software     Free javascripts 
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