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This is relatively simple process. In short, you use the URL factory that you just created to create the new
URLs based on the parameters in the old dynamic URLs. Then you employ what is called a “301-redirect”
to the new URLs. The various types of redirects are discussed in the following chapter.
So, if you are retrofitting a web application that is powering a web site that is already indexed by search
engines, you must redirect the old dynamic URLs to the new rewritten ones. This is especially important,
because without doing this every page would have a duplicate and result in a large quantity of duplicate
content. You can safely ignore this discussion, however, if you are designing a new web site.
This chapter covered a lot of material! It detailed how to employ static-looking URLs in a dynamic
web site step-by-step. Such URLs are both search engine friendly and more enticing to the user. This
is accomplished by using mod_rewrite in coordination with a “URL factory.” This also enforces consis-
tency in URLs. It is important to realize, however, that URL rewriting is not a panacea for all dynamic
site problems — in particular, duplicate content problems. That is the focus of Chapter 5, “Duplicate
Chapter 3: Provocative SE-Friendly URLs
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JavaScript Editor Ajax software     Free javascripts 
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