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After you put a Visual FoxPro project under source control, you can add individual files to the source-controlled project. If the Visual FoxPro project already contains files when you put it under source control, you can add them to the source-controlled project.

If the source control software supports it, Visual FoxPro allows you to keep the file checked out when you add it to the source-controlled project. If not, the file is checked in and you must check it out again in order to work with it. For details about checking files out and in after they're added to a project, see Managing Files in a Source-Controlled Project.

To add existing files to a controlled project

  1. From the Project menu, choose Source Control and then choose Add Files to Source Control.

  2. In the Add Files to Source Control Dialog Box, select the files you want to add.

    Keep checked out and Comment appear only if your source code control software supports these options.

  3. Choose OK.

    Visual FoxPro generates the control files necessary for the source control software, and then adds the files to the project. If you've selected many files, this process can take some time.

You can set it up so that when you add a file to a project, Visual FoxPro will prompt you to put it under source control.

To specify that Visual FoxPro prompts you to put new files under source control

  • In the Projects tab of the Options dialog box, make sure Automatically add new projects to source control is selected, and then choose OK.

    To make this setting the default, choose Set as Default, and then choose OK.

After you've added files to a project, you must update the project list before other developers can work with the new files.

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