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After you have put a Visual FoxPro project under source control, you can work with individual files or manage the project as a whole.

In This Section

Working with Multi-File Components

Covers how some project files consist of multiple components and how Visual FoxPro will manage the implicit file or files automatically.
How to: Check Out Files

Describes how to check out a file in a source-controlled project.
How to: Check In Files

Describes how to check in a file in a source-controlled project.
How to: Discard Changes

Describes how to undo a check out so that any changes to the file will be discarded.
How to: Get the Latest Versions of Files

Describes how to get the latest version of a file that is already checked out.
How to: Compare Files or Projects

Explains how to compare files or projects in a source controlled environment to determine whether another user has changed it, or to pinpoint where changes have been made since the last time it was checked out.
How to: Check for Differences in Forms, Reports, and Other Table Files

Describes how to compare files that represent form, report, and table files, to determine where changes have been made.
How to: Display File and Project Information

Discusses how to view the check out history or source control information of a file or project list.

Related Sections

Planning for Team Development Projects

Discusses how using source control software, such as Microsoft Visual SourceSafe, to manage the files in a project makes it possible to create complex applications quickly by combining the skills of a team of developers.

JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development