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You can change the appearance of your application in the following ways without changing application code:

To change the application title

  • In a configuration file for your application, include the following statement and replace MyProgramTitle with the appropriate title of your application:

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    TITLE = MyProgramTitle
    To include a Visual FoxPro function, for example, to display a version number, as part of the title, include the following line in the configuration file to set the Caption property of the main window with the appropriate application title and function name as shown: COMMAND=_SCREEN.Caption="MyProgramTitle " + FunctionName()

For more information, see Special Terms for Configuration Files.

To change the default application icon

  1. Open the project for your application.

  2. In the Project Manager, select the main file for your project.

  3. On the Project menu, click Project Info.

    The Project Information dialog box appears for your project.

  4. In the Project Information dialog box, click the Project tab.

  5. On the Project tab, click Attach icon.

  6. In the Open dialog box, browse for and select an icon (.ico) file to assign to your project.

  7. Click OK.

For more information, see Project Manager Window and Project Information Dialog Box.

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