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To determine the fields in a table, decide what you need to know about the people, things, or events recorded in the table. You can think of fields as attributes of the table. Each record (or row) in the table contains the same set of fields or attributes. For example, an address field in a customer table contains customers' addresses. Each record in the table contains data about one customer, and the address field contains the address for that customer.

In This Section

Identifying Fields

Provides tips for determining the fields you might need in your database.
Using Primary Key Fields

Explains how each table in your database should include a field or set of fields that uniquely identifies each individual record stored in the table, for Visual FoxPro to work most efficiently.

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Designing Databases

Take advantage of relational database technology in Visual FoxPro with well-planned databases.
Working with Tables

Describes how to make sure your tables have the structure that your application requires. Data type and index choices are essential to the success of your application.
Working with Fields

Introduces creating and working with fields in tables.

JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development