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After defining a toolbar class, you can create a toolbar from it. You can coordinate toolbars and forms by using the Form Designer or writing code.

Coordinating Toolbars and Forms in the Form Designer

You can add a toolbar to a form set so that the toolbar opens along with the forms in the form set. You cannot add the toolbar directly to the form.

To add a toolbar to a form set using the Form Designer

  1. Register and select the library containing the toolbar class.

  2. Open the form set with which you want to use the toolbar class, click the View Classes button on the Form Controls toolbar, and then select the toolbar class from the list displayed.

  3. From the Form Controls toolbar, choose the toolbar class.

  4. Click in the Form Designer to add the toolbar, and then drag the toolbar to its appropriate location.

    Visual FoxPro adds the toolbar to the form set. If a form set isn't open, Visual FoxPro prompts you for one.

  5. Define the actions of the toolbar and its buttons.

    To determine an object's class, look at its ToolTip in the Form Controls toolbar.

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