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The List Box builder makes it easy to set properties for a list box control. List boxes provide the user with a scrollable list that contains a number of options or pieces of information. In a list box, multiple items can be visible at all times. You set list box properties by selecting options displayed in the List Box Builder dialog box.

To use the List Box builder
  1. Using the Form Controls toolbar, place a list box control on a form.

  2. Select and right-click the list box control, and then choose Builder from the Form Designer shortcut menu.

  3. Choose the options you want from the dialog box, and then choose OK.

    When you choose OK, the builder closes, applying the property settings from every tab.

Builder Tabs

List Items

Specifies items to fill the list box and the sources of that data.

Specifies style (3D or plain) and number of rows, and enables or disables incremental searching.

Controls column width and display.

Specifies from which column to get return values and which field to store them in.

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