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You can specify to display only certain fields when viewing them in a browse window or using them on a form. By setting a field filter, you can restrict access to the fields you want by choosing only those fields you want to display, leaving the remaining fields hidden and inaccessible.

To specify access and display for certain fields

  1. Open the table in a browse window.

  2. On the Table menu, click Properties to open the Work Area Properties dialog box.

  3. In the Allow access to area, click Only fields specified by field filter, and then Field Filter.

    The Field Picker dialog box opens.

  4. In the All fields list, select the fields that you want to retain access.

    The remaining fields in the All fields list will be hidden and access to them will be restricted.

  5. When you are finished, click Move, and then OK.

  6. In the Work Area Properties dialog box, click OK.

  7. Close and reopen the browse window.

    Only the fields you chose are visible in the browse window.

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