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Triggers a change of information in the user interface elements provided by DoStatus.




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Applies To: ReportListener Object.

This method provides an opportunity for the ReportListener object to evaluate whether the conditions in the report have changed in some way that justifies calling the DoStatus method to display new information to the user.

The frequency with which you call this method, and at what points during the report run you choose to call it, depend on what type of feedback your ReportListener provides.

You choose the frequency or schedule with which you show feedback during a report run, as well as the feedback message you show, by overriding this method. You determine the way you display the feedback message by overriding the DoStatus method.

The native ReportListener shows the progress of the report by invoking UpdateStatus each time it renders a new page. The ReportListener User Feedback Class, however, evaluates the current record in the report's driving alias, and updates its progress bar each time this record changes.

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