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You can incorporate the power and flexibility of applications, such as Microsoft Excel and Word, in your Visual FoxPro applications by adding and using OLE objects.

In This Section

Designing an OLE Application

Explains how linking or embedding OLE objects can extend an applications power and flexibility by incorporating OLE objects from OLE-capable applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel.
How to: Add OLE Objects to Applications

Describes how to add OLE objects to your application.
How to: Edit OLE Objects in Forms and Tables

Describes how to edit embedded or linked objects on a form.
How to: Use ActiveX Controls

Describes how to use ActiveX controls in an application. ActiveX controls are objects with encapsulated functionality and exposed properties, events, and methods.
Manipulating Objects with Automation

Discusses how to manipulate objects, such as, OLE objects or ActiveX objects inside OLE Container controls, using code in the same way that you can program native Visual FoxPro objects.


Table Designer (Visual FoxPro)

Provides links to topics that explain the Table designer in Visual FoxPro.

Describes the MODIFY GENERAL command and its use to open a editing windows for general fields in a tables current record.

Describes the APPEND GENERAL command its use to import an OLE object from a file and place it into a general field in a table.

Related Sections

Dynamic Information Sharing

Explains how, using Visual FoxPro, you can include data from other applications dynamically and still have those applications maintain the data by linking or embedding it in your application.
OLE Drag-and-Drop

Describes OLE drag-and-drop, a powerful and useful tool supported by Visual FoxPro, which makes it possible for you to move data between other applications that support OLE drag-and-drop.

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