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This tab in the Command Group builder specifies button layout (vertical or horizontal), spacing, and border style.

Button Layout

Specifies vertical or horizontal layout of command group buttons. You can also customize the location of buttons within a Command Group by selecting Edit from the shortcut menu and dragging buttons within the Command Group boundary. Return to Command Group editing by first clicking outside the Command Group boundary. If you have customized the button layout, neither Vertical nor Horizontal is selected. If you then select Vertical or Horizontal, the buttons snap into alignment and you lose the custom pattern. Choose Cancel to retrieve the custom pattern.
Spacing Between Buttons

Specifies spacing between buttons. If you have customized the button spacing, this option is disabled. If you snap the buttons into horizontal or vertical alignment, this option is enabled.
Border Style

Specifies a single-line border or no border around the command group.

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JavaScript Editor js editor     Web development