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Provides the current page number for report output.


Return Value

Integer data type.

Default value is 0. This property is read-only.


Applies To: ReportListener Object.

The ReportListener class has two member properties, PageTotal and PageNo, plus a third property, named OutputPageCount. These items function differently from the standard reporting globals (_PAGENO and _PAGETOTAL), which can be assigned values by the user at any time and do not reliably indicate pages that have actually been created.

Factors with impact on the reliability of _PAGENO and _PAGETOTAL include the use of NORESET, NOPAGEEJECT, and RANGE clauses on the REPORT FORM command (and RANGE clause on the LABEL command) along with possible user re-assignment of the values.

ReportListener.PageNo and ReportListener.PageTotal, like _PAGENO and _PAGETOTAL, are not sensitive to the RANGE clause on the LABEL or REPORT FORM command. They can be used for pagination expressions within report output.

To use these member properties reliably in reporting expressions, you must assign your ReportListener to a variable with appropriate scope for them to be visible during the LABEL or REPORT FORM command. If you use the Report Output application to instantiate your ReportListener object, you can use the application's _oReportOutput global collection to reference your ReportListener. For more information, see Report Output Application.

ReportListener.PageNo indicates the real value for a given report run as the engine understands that report run. In effect, the engine assumes NORESET for ReportListener.PageNo and ReportListener.PageTotal if NOPAGEEJECT was used on the previouscommand.

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