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This class converts a Visual FoxPro report (.FRX) to HTML.

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The class includes properties to control the scope and HTML generation. For more information, see Genhtml.prg.

In Visual FoxPro 9, Genhtml.prg's FRX processing uses the ReportListener class you have registered with the current Report Output Application to provide HTML output. For more information, refer to ReportListener Foundation Classes.

To use this class, drag the class to a project or form. When you add the class to a form, Visual FoxPro opens a builder so you can specify the cSource, cOutFile, nGenOutput, and lAutonameOutput property values. When you drop the class on a project, you can choose to add the class or create a subclass.

Properties, events, and methods Description

cOutFile property

Specifies the name of the HTML file to create.

Default: ""

cSource property

Specifies the source file from which to generate HTML.

Default: ""

nGenOutput property

_GENHTML output options:

Default: 20 = Generate output file.

lAutoNameOutput property

Specifies whether _GENHTML should automatically name the output file based on the source.

Default: .T.

cScope property

Specifies the scope (for example, NEXT or ALL) for the output.

Default: ""

GenHTML method

Generates HTML code by calling the Genhtml.prg program using properties specified in cSource, cOutput, and nGenOutFile.

Syntax: GenHTML(В )

Return: none

Arguments: none

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